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Gas prices in the 1990s in Central Georgia will blow your mind

With gas prices going up, we take a look back to see what people were paying in the 90s.

As you prepare to fill up your gas tank for your holiday travels and groan about the dent in your wallet, here's something to make you cry a little harder.

We take you back 25 years to 1996, as reporter Troy Bridges looked into different prices based on where you filled up -- and just look at what people were paying.

"You can go across the street, and you have one cents, $1.10, $1.17," a customer said.

Regular unleaded gas in Macon was about $1.08 per gallon. It was about the same in Augusta at $1.07 per gallon. But in Columbus the cost jumped to $1.14 per gallon.

Imagine filling up your tank for only $12 to $15! 

By the way, if you're curious, Bridges went on to get his meteorology degree.

If you vacation at Disney World or Universal, you can find him on Channel 6 in Orlando, Florida. 

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