On August 17th, Contour Airlines will be taking to the Central Georgia skies on their way to Washington D.C.

Nicole Butler met up with people in Downtown Macon to see what they think about the new flights, and spoke with Contour Airlines about their hopes for the future.

Contour Airlines is preparing for take-off in August, so I hit the streets in Downtown Macon to see what people think.

Brian Gerrity says he can't wait to buy a ticket, and he's excited by the convenience over flying out of Atlanta.

"I think the worst part is the drive and dealing with traffic and depending on time of that could add another 30-45 minutes to your trip. Here in Macon, you can literally pull up walk through and you're on the plane," Gerrity says.

CEO of Contour Airlines, Matt Chaifetz says if Macon flights are successful and they see a big demand they will look for more destinations, and more destinations is just what Macon resident, Louis Abbott is looking for.

"Oh yeah, now that would be awesome if they offered some more flights to bigger cities other than just D.C. It's right in our backyard saves a lot of time and effort then going to Atlanta and having to go through all of that security and all of those types of things," Abbot says.

The flights will be non-stop from Middle Georgia Regional Airport to Baltimore Washington Airport.

Mayor Robert Reichert says BWI will be easier for travelers than Dulles International.

"It has a direct train service right into Union Station as opposed to a hop-skip and a jump from Dulles on two or three modes of transportation trying to get into the city," Reichert says.

Reichert says this is just what the city needed to get back on the map, and the deal makes it that much sweeter.

"If you buy them within the next two weeks it $49 each way so a round trip for less than a hundred bucks, and the permanent fair which is $69 each way so that's still a great bargain I mean you can't even drive to Atlanta and park your car for the weekend for that," he says.

Airport Manager, Erik D'Leon says that they hope to book 10,000 appointments by the end of the year.

Contour plans to offer two round trips a day to D.C. Monday through Friday, and one round trip on Saturday.

You can start booking your trip to D.C. now, click here. Remember the deal for $49 only lasts until July 26th.