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Flint River jumps its banks in Upson County

The Flint River is a more than 340 mile-long river, and it's flooding parts of Central Georgia.

UPSON COUNTY, Ga. — The latest concern in Upson County is the continued river flooding and overflowing. The Flint River is more than 340 mile-long river and it's flooding parts of Central Georgia. 

Martha Anne McCarty is the Upson County EMA Director. She says if a house was sitting on a certain side of the river, the currents were moving fast enough that the house could move off it's foundation and rip it to shreds.

Further down on the river there's folks who own second homes.

"Some of those have learned through the years to build them on stilts, or build them further up on the sides of the banks so that they're not impacted as well," McCarty said.

McCarty says the Flint River normally sits at around five feet deep. But after all this rain it is at about 15 feet. She says they experienced a tremendous amount of rain fall in just 24 hours. 

With about six to seven inches of rain.

"There are times when the river gets so low that you can walk across the other side and not be anymore than knee deep," she said.

This of course is not one of those times. 

"All of this water right here is going to end up in Montezuma and the river down there is pretty close to downtown. So, it can affect a lot of the commercial district in areas as all this water moves further down south," McCarty said.

McCarty says one foot of water could push your car off the road. When the river gets over flooded like this they make sure to keep the gates closed. 

"A lot of people think this would be fun to float in risk takers, things like that looking for the thrill. This water right here is very dangerous," she said.

She expects more rain fall Tuesday that could make the water levels even higher. McCarty says if they don't receive more rainfall this week, river levels should be back to normal by the weekend.

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