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Folks in Warner Robins concerned about parked trucks, city says they're looking for solution

Warner Robins says trucks are parking on city property, in rights-of-way, and in store lots, which isn't allowed.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — The question of where people can park their trucks is making its way throughout Central Georgia. 

The City of Warner Robins says they've gotten complaints about commercial trucks park on properties throughout the city.

"We cannot deal with this," says Jeannie Duncan.

Duncan says for a year, she's had to deal with trucks parking in her neighborhood along Wellborn Road. Every night, five to eight trucks can be found parked on the city's plot of land.

"It's very unsightly. Plus, they have torn the road up," says Duncan. 

She also says the damage has put their safety at risk. 

"They've also torn the fire hydrant down. There was a fire in our neighborhood last Sunday and they couldn't even use this fire hydrant," she says.

Just a few minutes away from Wellborn Road, trucks have been parking in the right-of-way of a neighborhood. 

"It's created a space where the grass doesn't grow. They park here in this area every day," says Councilman Derek Mack. 

Mack first brought up the issue at a pre-council meeting in mid-May. He says the trucks park after code enforcement officers have left for the day. In the morning, trucks leave before the officers start their day. 

"Code enforcement plans to be engaged and do something about it, so if you're driving your truck and you're parking it illegally, we advise you to find a place you should be parking at," says Mack. 

No matter the time of day, you can find 18-wheelers parked at the Walmart on Watson Boulevard. A store representative tells us they don't want trucks on their property, and their customers often complain that their parking lot has turned into a truck stop. 

Around some of the trailers, you will also find trash. 

"Some of these places that they're parking, they're not rated for the weight of these 18-wheelers, so that's a concern. It creates potholes," says Mack.

According to city code, you cannot park in a public right-of-way and can't block traffic.

You are allowed to park one truck at your home, but the trailer should not be attached. 

 Now, Mack says the city wants to find a solution that also helps truck drivers. 

"They're necessary in terms of moving our parcels across the country, so we want to respect their livelihood as well," says Mack

The city says there goal is to find a designated location for these trucks to park.


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