Angel Irving is a long-time Macon resident and the first female to co-host a radio show at WMAZ.
She started at WMAZ in 1972 and her career lasted until 1989.

She remembers her time in journalism fondly and she shared her experience with the residents of Ingleside Manor today.

“It was a challenge, [but] it was fun and exciting,” said Irving.

Her daughter Avril attended the event and took pictures and videos for her mother.

When asked about her mother’s influence on the community today she said, “And if anyone was going to be the first, I can’t see anyone better.”

Angel said that she used to get threatening messages and phone calls when she was working as a radio co-host, but “when the red light came on, it didn’t matter.”

Irving says that she has seen things have change since the time she was working, but Martin Luther King Jr. Day is a time to remember what got us to where we are today.

“It’s important that we commit ourselves to work. We commit ourselves to go beyond our individual need and look at the greater good,” said Irving.