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Former pro athlete opens gym in Byron to help students strengthen athletic skills

Brandon Davey and his team will have a summer camp that will run from June through July where kids can strengthen their skills in the sports they love

BYRON, Ga. — A former pro athlete has opened a new gym in Byron called One Step Away Athletics.

Brandon Davey formerly played sports overseas, and now, he’s back home giving back to the youth. Davey and his team are scheduled to have a summer camp that will run from June through July, where kids can strengthen their skills on the sports they love. Not only will the kids and teens learn more about sports, but they’ll also focus on academics to help students earn potential scholarships.

“This is huge, man. There are some nights I get chills — I’m getting them right now — where I can walk out of the gym and maybe say a prayer, just really knowing the reason that we’re doing this is to help the community, and we’re going to continue to do that. Not only does it keep them out of the street, it’s going to get them into school if they continue to work hard with scholarship opportunities. It’s almost like a small university, so we’re preparing the kids who are ready to go to the next level on all aspects,” Davey said.

The gym is open all year and offers children a safe place to learn while enjoying themselves. For more information, visit One Step Away's website.