A former Robins Air Force Base employee will spend nearly two years in prison for stealing military equipment.

A news release from the Department of Justice says Judge Marc Treadwell sentenced Mikel Parish, 28, to 23 months in prison Tuesday for theft of government property.

The release says the 28-year-old worked at the Defense Logistic Agency for Robins between April 2015 and March 2016. The department provides storage and distribution support to the base, and distributes supplies worldwide to all military branches.

Parish, of Griffin, Ga., was responsible for entering data about those supplies into the ordering and cataloguing systems for the base.

The Griffin Police Department contacted U.S. Air Force Security Forces about Parish pawning and selling military equipment. Military investigators found Parish was actually pawning and selling the equipment.

The investigation also further revealed Parish used his badge to access the building before and after his normal work hours, where he would steal things like copper wire spools, rifle scopes and ballistic vests.