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Day Trip Destination: The Whistle Stop Cafe

Juliette was the set for the Oscar-nominated movie, Fried Green Tomatoes. The famous Whistle Stop Cafe from the movie is still open for business and serving fried green tomatoes daily.

Fried Green Tomatoes."They created this town they really built this little fictional town of Whistle Stop and they had just the store fronts built for the set," says Manus-PenningsThe brick buildings seen in the film are a big screen secret known throughout many movie sets. The backdrop is made to look like brick.The shops on McCracken Street sell everything from Georgia wine, movie souvenirs and homemade honey, a staple in the movie.The most popular spot on the block however is the Whistle Stop Cafe.The restaurant was also created for the movie and serves fresh food at a reasonable price daily. Twenty years after the movie premiered, the restaurant is still bustling.Rhonda Pratka says she likes bringing her family to take in the culture of the diner. "This is my third visit. I'm originally from Texas, so when we have guests in Georgia, this is one of the places we like to bring them," says Pratka.Visitors can't stop talking about the freshfried green tomatoes.Teresa Pickett of Warner Robins says they're"very crunchy, they've got a really good texture and taste, and they're not greasy." Gale Dourough ofBonaire agrees and says, "We've tried to make them and we can't make them like this." The fried treats aren't the only thing on the menu. Anything from fried chicken,barbecue with secret sauceand fresh vegetables can be found at the eatery. Juliette will celebrate its annual green tomato festival in October. For more information on the festival, visit the Chamber of Commerce's website at http://www.forsyth-monroechamber.com/./>

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