When you think of Forsyth, what do you think of? Maybe you think of the city center or that annual Forsythia Festival, but what about banana pudding? Kelly Crumbley, of Forsyth, has brought the award home for best banana pudding in the whole nation and she has the aware to prove it.

Crumbley says the key to an award winning dessert is to make homemade ingredients.

"It's a little time consuming, but it makes a difference,” says Crumbley.

She says the difference is the homemade Nutter Butter cookies whipped cream.

"And it just fluffs right up,” explains Crumbley.

But she says she never thought her recipe had a chance at winning.

"It was just a weekend. We didn't have anything to do, and Josh said, 'Well, you should make your banana pudding because yours is different than traditional banana pudding,'” says Crumbley.

She says after winning first place in the state competition, she and her family spent the whole summer perfecting her banana pudding recipe.

"It seems like every weekend we were making at least two banana puddings just to try. We would try different peanut butter and different ways to incorporate the peanut butter in the pudding. It sounds crazy that we went through that much,” Crumbley says laughing.

She says she couldn't have done it without her pudding taste testers.

"Gonna pour the pudding right on top and we'll make our first layer. I'm glad that, you know, I had the support everybody was behind me and, you know, and was excited,” says Crumbley.

But the banana pudding-making champion has another passion that allows her to get some time away from the test kitchen.

"It's definitely an experience,” says Crumbley.

She is also a bus driver for Monroe County and she says she loves it, but there is nothing like putting the finishing touches on her famous dessert.

"I'll sprinkle the crushed-up homemade peanut butter cookies on here,” Crumbley demonstrates.

But she says she is keeping the whole recipe all in the family. Crumbley beat out 10 other competitors for the title of "Best Banana Pudding in the Nation." She says she got the recipe from a book years ago and began perfecting it over the years.