The home of the Forsythia Festival wants to welcome visitors year round by sprucing up their streets. They plan to do that with a $2 million grant for the downtown area.

If you've been around downtown Forsyth, you may have noticed some changes.

It may not look like much now, but in the next few months new sidewalks, landscaping, and lighting will be in its place.

From Lee Street down to Tift College, construction is underway for the city's new streetscape project, and business owners like Martie Brown say this change is long overdue.

"Well, what it looked like before was bits and pieces of concrete, which was kind of dangerous. We're excited to have clean fresh streets like the rest of the town square," Brown says.

With construction going on right outside her door, she says it's important to stay positive and know it will all be worth it when the customers start rolling in.

Brown says that the construction may look like a little bit of a mess with all of the dirt and concrete being torn up, but she says soon, that will change.

Greg Goolsby, the mayor pro tem, says with more visitors coming through town they've decided to widen the road.

"I think now you'll have a more continuous sidewalk system a more continuous parking system. It just makes our downtown a more beautiful place," Goolsby says.

And with about $700,000 in this phase of the project, Brown says it's encouraging to see the city come together to make Forsyth beautiful.

"It's nice to see our little small town have the excitement again of being a downtown," Brown says.

Brown says that many of the business owners are wanting to do their part, with some planning to make improvements to the fronts of their stores.

Goolsby says this phase of construction will be finished by the end of this year.