Fort Valley State University has dozens of events planned for Black History Month.

Here is a link to all of the events planned at the university.

We talked to Idalis Forte, who is the vice president of the Student Government Association, and she not only talked about events going on, but also what Black History Month means to her.

"I feel like Black History Month means celebrating our culture and our roots and embracing who we are as a black individual," Forte said.

Fort Valley is a historic black university, or HBCU for short. The university not only celebrates Black History Month but has many civil rights icons among its alumni.

"Jo Ann Gibson Robinson, who grew up in Macon, who went to Fort Valley State, moved to Montgomery and was the president of the Women's Action Council, the person who helped organize the Montgomery bus boycott," Cedric Mobley said, who is the director of communication at Fort Valley State University.

With this rich history at Fort Valley, they are planning many events to celebrate Black History Month.

"We will feature black history performances by dance, poetry, and song, and on Monday, we will have a Black History Museum that will feature African-American women from all around the world.

Mobley added that the university also has some large scale events planned also.

"We will be culminating with a Black History Convocation which is open to the public," he said

With of all these events going on Forte took some time to reflect on what Black History Month means to her.

"This is really humbling to me, because every time I walk on campus, I'm very grateful for those people that have paved the way for me to be here even today, and it just makes me embrace everything and makes me very appreciative of all the sacrifices that were made for me," she said.