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Fort Valley State University student reacts to pipe burst in off-campus apartment

Students who live in the Villas on 8 apartment building came back to check on their belongings after a pipe burst overnight.

FORT VALLEY, Ga. — Water -- that's what senior Ashton Akins said he saw when he walked into his living room and kitchen on Wednesday night.

"First thoughts is, 'Everything that's on the floor, get that off the floor so they won't get damaged.' Then, it's, 'Try to put towels by the door.' That way I could stop all the water from the rooms as quick as possible," says senior Ashton Akins.

Students were evacuated and had to stay somewhere else for the night. By Thursday morning, there were cleaning crews on hand.

"After our rooms are clean, we can move back in on Saturday, that's two days after the rooms are dried and everything is properly cleaned," says Akins.

Akins says he didn't have anything that was completely damaged.

In situations like this, renters insurance is not a guarantee for students who live off-campus.

"Some places that you go and rent out, the landlords do provide coverage, but it's not always the coverage you might need. In some cases, they do, but majority of the time, landlords will not provide coverage like we would," says State Farm insurance agent Cristina Gallardo.

She says most of the time, it's just added on to your regular rent cost. 

"In most cases, it's not more than $12 a month, it all depends on how much your personal property is worth, but it's so cheap and affordable, especially for college students," says Akins.

University leaders say they'll be assessing the damage on a case by case basis, and they're ready to help students in any way possible.

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