A free coffee shop is opening this Saturday, June 24 at noon. It is located on 2193 Vineville Avenue in Macon. Strong Tower Fellowship and donations help support the coffee shop. The shop is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m to 11 a.m.

Gary Leibovich, a pastor, says coffee is a great way to bring people together in one comfortable space.

Leibovich says, “We don't just care about people's individual lives, we care about our community. We are right here in Pleasant Hill and there is a lot of brokenness. It's our desire to recreate community through everything that we do.”

Strong Tower Fellowship also has an outreach program for at-risk youth. They offer car washes to keep the kids involved in activities. They have about 14 youth involved in the summer program.

Robert Colbert, another pastor, says, “We are encouraging everyone, if you have a vehicle and you would like to have it washed, please come by and let us serve you.”

Strong Tower Fellowship will have live music, free food, and coffee for the whole family at the grand opening of the coffee shop.