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Fried Green Tomato Festival this Saturday and Sunday in Juliette

It's been 27 years since the movie Fried Green Tomatoes came out in theaters. It seems folks don't get tired of visiting the quaint movie set in Monroe County.

The movie "Fried Green Tomatoes" came out in 1991. That was 27 years ago -- can you believe it? -- and a lot has happened since then.

Ashley Strickland's worked at the restaurant for eight years.

"Maybe two to three different movies have been filmed down here," she recalled. "We've done a show for Food Paradise which was pretty awesome -- they featured our country fried steak and our fried green tomato sandwich on that show."

Strickland is still tickled when tourists walk through the door.

"People come from all over the world here to eat and it doesn't even seem like it's been 27 years. When they walk through the door, it is like taken back, and they cry and they are so excited to be here," she said with a smile. " I love it and I love their expressions and when they come in here, it's breathtaking and they are awesome -- you meet all kinds of new people working here."

And this weekend, McCrackin Street will look a lot different when the Fried Green Tomato Festival comes to town.

Tommy Moon is the festival chairman.

"We've got about 54 or 55 arts and crafts vendors," he said.

He says about 6,000 folks showed up for last year's event.

"If you're looking for something between the shops and the vendors that we bring in you can just about find anything you want," he exclaimed.

Well, maybe not anything you want.

"We try to keep this place laidback, and when you step out of your car, you kind of feel like you're stepping back into time. There's a tremendous amount of people who like that because they don't like all the modern stuff," he said.

No big surprises this weekend, just good food and a down-home time in Juliette.

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