Macon-Bibb commissioners approved $4 million of SPLOST funds to go toward phase 2 of the South Bibb Recreation Center.

Bibb County's plans include over 20 more tennis courts, two splash pads, multipurpose fields, basketball courts, and lights for the current baseball field, according to Robert Walker, Bibb County’s Parks and Recreation director.

“We're trying to provide a place for people to relax after a long day at work or a long day at school,” said Walker.

Judy Edwards is for the planned renovations. She plays tennis with her friends at the John Drew Smith facility in Bibb County, but they travel from surrounding areas.

“I think it’s going draw a lot of people, especially since I found out they’re closing the courts in Warner Robins,” said Edwards.

Walker says the project will cost $4 million to complete, but he says this will mean over 60 courts in Macon that qualify the city for larger tournaments.

“We're in the center of Georgia, it gives us an opportunity for people to come -- instead of north, west, south, or east, come to us,” said Walker.

Edwards says the county will see that money return, especially with new tournaments, but that's only if Macon becomes eligible and the project could take up to a year before it is completed.

Walker says he will need to hire 14 full-time employees to work at the rec center, such as facilities managers and tennis coaches.

Walker says that once those additional courts are built, Bibb will start charging to use the courts and lessons. The current courts are free to the public.