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After 50 years, furniture company owner Bert Maxwell retires

The business was founded in 1904 by Bert Maxwell Sr., and has been passed down through the family for decades.

MACON, Ga. — After 50 years of ownership and operation, and selling more furniture than he can remember, Bert Maxwell is retiring.

"I had to stick with it in the start until I learned how to work and how to operate a furniture business. It took me quite a few years to become comfortable and to actually make it profitable," Maxwell said.

He says the business began with his grandfather and father owning their own furniture company and he joined the business after college.

"My father had been in the furniture business but retired, and asked me if he would like to set me up in the furniture business," he recalled. 

Ever since 1972, the Bert Maxwell Furniture Company has sat in the heart of downtown Macon, meeting furniture needs of the community.

It's outlasted surrounding businesses and changes in the city.

"When we moved here downtown was vibrant but undergoing a huge change with the opening of the Macon mall. So some of the larger department stores moved out of town leaving lots of vacancies," Maxwell said.

Now that he's retiring, he's doing it his way, as his son Bert Maxwell IV takes over.

"I’m going to choose when I’m going to work. After 50 years I’m a little bit tired of it but my sons here, I’ll help him when he needs me. We're a small group so were understaffed most of the time so I’ll come in when needed," he explained.  

Surviving changes and online retail is no easy feat. Maxwell says this is his best advice in business:

"If you stick with it, you'll go with the trends, make changes when necessary, follow your gut and really just work hard, serve the people, it'll come out," he said. 

According to the company website, the business was founded in 1904 by Bert Maxwell Senior.

They say he sold furniture on credit, delivered it by horse and wagon, and collected 50 cents a week for payment.


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