LAGRANGE, Ga. -- After a group of so-called clowns allegedly threatened to harm school children in LaGrange, the police department started an investigation.

Lt. Dale Strickland told 11Alive News last Tuesday someone started a Facebook Page (which has since been taken down) threatening to dress like a clown and drive a white van to Callaway Elementary, Franklin Forrest Elementary, Callaway Middle School, Troup High School, and Callaway High School and abduct children. Strickland says that threat is a clear violation of the law.

The department obtained warrants and arrested four people they believe are responsible for the threats. Steven Goddard Jr.,18, of Manchester, Georgia, Zaria Dallas,18, of LaGrange, Tristian Bonner, 17, of Valley, Alabama were arrested for Terroristic Threats. A sixteen year old juvenile was arrested for Terroristic Threats and Disrupting Public Schools.

Strickland said there were no spottings of the creepy clown, but the police department was flooded with calls from concerned parents.

In Hogansville, a city just south of LaGrange, two people were arrested after allegedly making false 911 calls of clown sightings

There have been several reports of clown sightings throughout the south.

In August, an apartment complex in South Carolina sent letters to residents warning them about a clown trying to lure children into the woods.

The first week of September, neighbors in Winston-Salem said a creepy clown was offering kids candy if they followed him into the woods. Witnesses said the clown ran from the area when officers arrived.

A North Carolina man was arrested and charged with filing a false report after telling police a clown knocked on his window. He told police he tried to chase the clown, but later admitted he made it all up.

In Dublin, Georgia, someone in a car accident said they swerved to avoid a clown in the road. Dublin Police Chief Tim Chatman said there's no evidence it's true. Chatman said his department has investigated several reported sightings "and we have yet to substantiate" any of them.