With the threat of some possible winter weather heading our way, some of our northern counties are prepping for icy conditions.

Driving through Monroe County Tuesday afternoon, you wouldn’t expect first responders to be prepping for winter weather. At noon, the temperature was above 50 degrees.

But Wednesday morning, temperatures are expected to drop below freezing, and there’s a small chance parts of central Georgia could see snow and ice.

“People, pets, plants, and pipes -- you want to keep those warm," says Captain Shane Cook with Monroe County Emergency Services.

Cook says since conditions aren't forecasted to be too severe, they are operating at normal staffing levels, but they've asked for their volunteers to be on-call.

“We have asked our volunteer firefighters to keep an ear out with their radios, just in case additional manpower is needed," says Cook.

Tuesday morning, some Monroe first responders met at headquarters on Montpellier Road to discuss their emergency response plans in the event of downed power lines, fallen trees, black ice, car accidents, or house fires.

“We're making sure that our firefighters have the proper cold weather equipment -- hats, gloves, jackets, and things of that nature," says Cook.

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GDOT workers will also need to bundle up as the temperatures begin to drop.

Tuesday afternoon, brine trucks traveled up and down I-75, spraying the saltwater mixture on the interstate to prevent ice from sticking to the roadways.

According to a press release, GDOT has “beefed up” its capabilities, equipment, and materials to deal with snow and ice events.

Statewide, they have 1,938 employees on-call, 54,030 tons of salt, 65,460 tons of gravel, and 426 snow removal equipment units.

GDOT days brine trucks can only travel up to about 40 miles per hour to properly apply the treatment. If you see one on the interstate make sure you stay back at a safe distance.

During winter weather conditions, GDOT advises motorists to call 511 to report icy conditions on the roads.