A recent report from WalletHub says that Georgia has the highest number of people who can’t afford to go to see a dentist. The data shows that nearly three out of four lack dental insurance based on data from the Census and the CDC.

A local clinic in Macon is an option for people who don’t have health insurance. They offer dental services for free if people, but require proof of a lack of insurance.

John Williams had his teeth fixed for free. He said he was very appreciative for the doctors at the clinic who repaired teeth he had chipped. He said the clinic is a lot better of an option and didn’t cost him a thing. “If you don’t have insurance and you have to go to the county, it’ll be a long runaround,” said Williams.

The clinic says they provide cleanings, fill-ins, and extractions. Rita McCurdy, executive director for the clinic, says she sees people every day who haven't seen a dentist in years. She explained that pushing off visits can cause people to live in pain.

McCurdy said, “What we’re seeing is a real need for sustained dental care many of our patients have never seen dental care on an ongoing basis. Patients have been in pain for years and there is nothing to be done for them but to extract their teeth.”

The clinic currently has a waitlist and patients have to go through a check-up visit before they get care.

The clinic says that they have provided some kind of free dental care to more than 500 people in 2016. They currently have a waiting list of more than 30 people, but if you are looking for dental care or want to volunteer, their number is 478-755-1110.