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Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker makes sprint to runoff finish with Houston County stop

Before leaving Houston County, he reminded people he's still in the fight for Georgia.

WARNER ROBINS, Ga. — Herschel Walker and his team say they're in overtime as their fight for Georgia continues into Tuesday’s runoff.

Most noticeable was the distance between the press and Herschel Walker during his stop in Warner Robins Friday.

When 13WMAZ's Caleesha Moore first covered his stop in his hometown of Wrightsville, Herschel did an interview with reporters. Since then, he and his team have created more and more distance. When it came to Walker and his speech itself, it followed the same talking points as others.

He starts with acknowledging God and his family, then he moves into his childhood, then comes the speech about the elevator.

"St. Peter met him at the pearly gates before he could go in, and St. Peter says, 'Sir, you're here a little bit early right now and your name ain't on the roll, so you're the only one in history that'll get to decide where you want to go,'" Herschel Walker said to a crowd in Houston County.

Each rally, Herschel Walker tells the story of Saint Peter giving a man a choice between Heaven and Hell. Walker believes it reflects a choice -- one you'll make on Dec. 6.

"The doors open up and it's hot, people are miserable, and having a terrible time and the guy goes, 'Wait a minute, wait a minute. A couple of hours ago when I was here, there was a party going on,' and Satan shows up and says, 'A couple of hours ago, I was campaigning,' and the reason I'm telling you that story, right now the guy I'm running against, a lot of people on the left have been campaigning," the Republican candidate said.

Walker's rallies have followed a theme-- discouraging teaching critical race theory and gender ideologies in schools. Meanwhile, he's supporting police and military and drilling oil and border security.

"Maybe we can get some judges and put them down at the border and they can try people before they come over and if they don’t qualify, send them right back to where they came from. That’s what we can do!” he said.

He is also criticizing incumbent Raphael Warnock.

"He's voted Joe Biden 96% of the time, which he didn't know he was voting with him or he loved that man," Walker said.

Walker also addressed public scrutiny.

"They called me a 'coon' the other day and people think that's a bad term. I said, 'Guys, I'm from the country. If you know anything about the coon, it’s one of the smartest animal out there,'" he told the crowd.

Before leaving Houston County he reminded people he's still in the fight for Georgia.

"Because we're not going to let them take us down in that elevator and tell us this is the new normal, and I'm here to tell you guys, I'm not that politician, don't look like one, don't act like one, but I'm Georgia born, Georgia bred, and when I die, I’ll be Georgia dead,” Walker said.

At least 100 people gathered to hear Walker speak Friday.

Walker was in Atlanta on Friday and will make a few more stops around the state ahead of the Dec. 6 runoff.

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