Students at Georgia College & State University gave back to the community with the First Georgia College Gives Day on Saturday.

Over 1,000 freshmen students volunteered at 40 project sites.

Danna Maller spent her weekend pampering residents at Savannah Court retirement home. Making their nails look good, but also spending quality time with them.

"This is about teaching people and acting as an example as a life long positive community member," says Maller.

She is one of 1,000 Georgia College students volunteering. Georgia College says it gives students insight beyond the classroom.

"It's not just about me it's not just about my college experience, but it's about this larger community base that exists too," says Maller.

And just outside, Bobby Flare did the not so glamorous work. But he says it's worth it.

"You know it's picking up pine cones so it's not exactly the most fun thing you can be doing, but at the end of the day making a difference does feel good, and you can take that with you everyday," says Flare.

Whether it's painting nails or picking up pine cones, it's all about lending that helping hand and residents at Savannah Court say they appreciate every second.

"It makes me feel good. It sure does, and I love this place," says Savannah Courts resident, Joann Thurman.

And Laurie Calvert enjoys the company,.

"It's just great to see them, for the help especially and to meet these young people going to college," she says.

As students leave, they look forward to the next time they can help out.

Georgia College says this is the largest day of community service that Baldwin County has ever seen.