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Georgia College gets ready for students to move in

The university spread out the process over two weekends to enforce COVID-19 safety guidelines

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Georgia College students are moving in this weekend before classes start back on Wednesday.

Freshman Aner Gendellman is bracing herself for move in day during COVID-19.

"Making this transition into being a college student with the pandemic and all going on is really terrifying, but I feel like it'll all be okay," she said.

Junior Kaylee Brower isn't new to this process, but it was different for her.

"In the past they've had student volunteers to help people moving in, carrying the stuff up to their room, which obviously this year it wouldn't be a safe option to have that, so there's a lot less people moving in at once," Brower said.

University Housing Director Larry Christenson will monitor all move-in safety guidelines, starting with their check-in process.

"Our process this year is basically a drive-thru. You will pull into the Centennial Center where we have everything prepared for your check-in from your keys to your Bobcat card...all the materials you'll need for your room and you just drive through and we slide the envelope through your window and you go off to your residential hall and unload," he said.

They have a staggered schedule, allowing only 45 students per hour to unload. Students will be moving everything using the stairs.

"There's just no way to safely crowd people into the elevators and go up and down on a heavy move-in day. So, the elevators -- unless you're a person who has a registered disability -- the elevators are disabled for you," Christenson said.

Gendellman isn't too worried about it. She believes it's the safest bet to keep from spreading the virus.

"By requiring masks, disabling the elevators, mandating social distancing, all that stuff is awesome, I'm really glad that they're taking those precautions for us," she said.

Students will have an hour to unload their belongings, but they can take all the time they need to settle into their rooms..


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