Many teachers and students at Georgia College have been hit by the flu virus.

160 cases of the flu have been diagnosed at Georgia College student health services. The university is taking this matter very seriously and the director said the flu has never been this large on campus.

"We have seen many more cases here than I have ever seen here at Georgia College. I've been at Georgia College for 28 years and I've been working at the clinic at least 25 of those years," Alice Loper, Director of Health Services, said.

With the increase in students coming to health services, they have opened the schedule to accommodate students and brought all hands on deck.

"We are doubling up on appointments. Normally, we are trying to make shorter appointments in order to get more people in. We can only see so many people in a day, however, and this week, we have extended clinic hours into the evening," Loper said.

We also caught up with some students to see how this is affecting their day-to-day campus life.

"It's been pretty nuts. I know a lot of people that have been skipping class, and just my last class, my professor, who was absent last class, said, 'Don't even worry about giving an excuse from a doctor. If you have any flu symptoms, don't come to class,'" Alexander Pijanowski said, who is a junior at the college.

He and his friend Sophie Howard said professors are even easing up on the attendance policy.

"I know classes have been canceled because there are too many students absent with the flu than there are students that will be in the class. Classes being canceled because professors have the flu as well," Howard said.

For now, Loper has this advice for everyone out there. "We just encourage people, 'If you are sick, if you think you have the flu, stay home. Don't try to work.' That's what we're telling students. Even if you have a fever, you're coughing, you feel terrible, just stay in."

Health Services recommends students stay at home if they are sick but does not require they do.