MACON, Ga. — The health department is still investigating after several people reported stomach problems at Georgia College. The college closed its dining halls yesterday, but decided to reopen them Thursday.

The dining halls were filled with students once again after the school voluntarily closed all dining facilities Wednesday. Kristen Kelley, a freshman on meal plan, says she has her own reasons for not eating on campus often. 

"Just from the start, the food just kind of made me sick," said Kelley. 

The health department is investigating to see if the food served on campus caused the outbreak. On Wednesday, 13 people reported stomach problems, and on Thursday, the number climbed to 70, according to Michael Hokanson with the Georgia's North Central Health District.

Hailey Rey says some of her classmates felt sick.

"We had a test and some of them didn't do as good as they normally would just because they were puking in the middle of it," said Rey. 

 Hokanson says health official inspected the dining halls and didn't see a reason why the dining facilities couldn't operate on a normal schedule, but right now, they don't have final test results. 

"With foodborne illnesses and gastrointestinal illness, there is a wide variety of specific germs or bacteria that can cause these symptoms, so without proper lab testing, nothing can be ruled out," said Hokanson. 

GCSU spokesperson Brittiny Johnson says all dining halls were thoroughly sanitized and the students safety is their top priority. 

Kelley says she wants the test results to come back clean.

"I hope they come back all clear because I know that's not fun to deal with," said Kelley.

Rey says until then, she still has her concerns. 

"It makes me not really want to eat there at all anymore," said Rey. 

Hokanson says he hopes to get the test results from the food and students by next week. He says if you have symptoms, to wait at least 24 hours after they're gone to go around other people.