A Georgia College student is on a mission to document the people of Milledgeville.

Looking at Tavaris Johnson; he looks like your typical Georgia college student, but he does not have the interests of your everyday student.

"I just enjoy being around people and understanding people and getting to know their story," Johnson said.

Johnson is a senior majoring in Sociology with an interest in the thousands of people who walk the streets of Milledgeville.

"It would be helpful if they had students contribute to the archives and automatically for some reason, I thought about a Facebook page a friend did, called Humans of Georgia College," Johnson said.

With that thought, Johnson started "Humans of Milledgeville" on Facebook, which at this time has more than 400 likes.

"And there's no discipline in today's world, that's the biggest problem with society," Thomas Rube told Johnson in an interview for his page.

The goal of the page is to digitally collect the stories and pictures of people of Milledgeville. They'll be stored electronically at the Georgia College library.

"It's just been me walking around campus or just driving around town and I see somebody do something interesting, or maybe something not interesting," Johnson said.

The page helps the Georgia College library keep up its archive database with everything going on in Milledgeville people-wise, while allowing Johnson to connect with people of all walks of life.

"There are consequences for everything, for every action, there is a reaction," Rube said.

Johnson says the page allows him to learn more about the people around him and for his own friends to learn about their community.

"I believe that more students need this exposure, because we -- I say this all the time [that] we live in a bubble -- we frequent the same places on campus." Johnson said.

If you are interested in checking out Tavaris' page, you can click this link. Johnson says he is getting ready to graduate and hopes another student will take over the page.