Milledgeville — The November 6th Election Day is fast approaching, and one group in Baldwin County is looking to increase the young adult voter turnout.

Georgia Shift, a non-profit, non-partisan organization based in Augusta, recruited Georgia College students to canvass across Baldwin County and encourage adults 18 to 24 to vote.

"A lot of times, campaigns don’t reach out to young people and young people don’t engage in campaigns, so that sets this vicious cycle where young people might not come out to vote and then politicians won’t reach out to them because of that," said Georgia Shift founder, Ian Bridgeforth.

The organization said that there is a stigma that young people can be apathetic towards the voting process that they would like to help eliminate.

In a lot of these spaces, we’ll look at voter turnout or you look at young people and you think their apathetic or anything like that. Historically, especially on the advocacy side and civil rights side. Young people have been always at the forefront," Bridgeforth said.

Chelsey Adams is a senior at Georgia College and a Baldwin County native. She said canvassing feels like a way to directly impact her community.

"I think there is something that we need to bring us together and show that we do have power, in a way," Adams said. "This is a chance for us all to come out and show that we have a say in what happens to our town and the people that are in it."

Georgia Shift recruited four students from GCSU. Tavaris Johnson, another senior, said he thinks that meeting canvassers that look like you can impact your decision to vote or not.

"We're not the people you see on the news," Johnson said. "We look just like you and we're also out here being politically active and it's important to you and your community as well because the things you vote on are the things that matter to yourself, your family, your community."

By Election Day, the four canvassers will have put in over 200 hours and knocked on over 900 doors. Adams said it's worth it to know she did her part regardless of the outcome.

"No matter what happens on November the 6th, that I did my best to get people that look like me out to the polls," she said.