First-year Georgia College students are preparing to say their final goodbyes to their parents before they start a new chapter in life, but before they say goodbye they are moving into their dorm rooms.

Housing Director Larry Christenson says his team wants to make sure everyone has a smooth transition.

It's the calm before the storm at Georgia College, according to Christenson as 1,200 students are moving in Thursday, and more than 400 volunteers like Morgan Woods will be on hand to help move those students.

"I'll make sure that all the doors are opened so you, don't have to keep propping the doors to bring your stuff in," Woods said.

Woods, a senior at Georgia College says move-in day is a little like organized chaos with all the cars on West Greene street.

"And then you have a student walk in, go to all of our stations, get their keys and they get their bobcat card programmed," Wood said.

Students will not be the only people dealing with a little chaos.

Campus police have turned West Green Street into a one-way street and shut down other side streets.

They say to expect traffic delays because South Jackson and South Columbia Streets are going to be closed Thursday from 6:30 a.m. until at least 11 a.m.

Captain Joe Grant with campus police says closing the streets should ease traffic congestion, but he also says pack your patience.

"(You are) looking at over two thousand vehicles coming here in an area in less than five hours," Grant said.

Grant says police will have traffic cones and barricades set up to direct vehicles, and Christenson says before families get moved in, they will have to check in with campus police before they can access West Green Street.

"We will have officers meeting parents and students at the top of hill," Christenson said. They will make sure we have their telephone number on a piece of paper, so if they park and not move it, and we need it moved right away, we can contact them very quickly."

Christenson says about 500 students moved in early in an effort to help ease traffic on move-in day, giving students time before classes officially start on August 20, 2018.