MACON, Ga. — Saturday, you have the chance to shop dozens of Georgia Grown products at their holiday market at the Shoppes at River Crossing in Macon.

They say it's their biggest market yet, and there are 2 new faces from Central Georgia.

Arrkeicha Danzie owns an adorable big dog named Chub.

"Chub is a Great Pyrenees mixed with a poodle, so they call him a 'Pyredoodle,'" she said.

And a dog like that deserves some special treats, so Danzie not only made up some stuff, but she based a business off her four-legged friend.

"Chub does not have a sophisticated palate, so I wanted to have something good for him and tastes good to him, hence Good Boy Goodies," she said.

You'll see her bags at the Georgia Grown Market Saturday.

"Georgia Grown is awesome," she said. "It has just opened up so many doors for Good Boy Goodies."

In Bolingbroke, Bernie Blanche is planning on taking his aged meats to the market.

"I'm going to take my pepperoni -- it's very old world, it's not like what kids are used to on their pizza. It's not the same thing, it's a very old school pepperoni," Blanche described.

Bernie's business is Blanche Meats. He carries Georgia Grown products and Ossabaw pig on his big board.

"It's coming out of Ossabaw, Georgia, so it's a Georgia Grown hog. It's being raised in Barnesville, but it's a very special pig. It's got a high pH, it's got a deeper, richer color, it's got the fat melts -- the flavor profile for salami is just spectacular," he said.

The guy with a culinary background moved down from north Georgia where his business idea sprang up out of a hobby.

"I turned an old shed into a smokehouse up there, smoking my deer, my venison, and then I started smoking salamis in the basement, and here I am 20 years later," he said with a smile.

Bernie and Arrkeicha will make this year's market a more meaty treat for customers.

The Georgia Grown Market runs from 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. Saturday afternoon at the Shoppes at River Crossing.

It will go on rain or shine, and they will have heaters inside the giant tent to keep folks warm.

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