The Georgia Historical Society is placing a new historical marker at the site of one of the only schools in Macon County for African-Americans during the era of segregation.

The Macon County Training School was built on the site in 1925, as part of the Rosenwald school building program that matched funds with community donations to build schools for African-Americans.

The building was demolished in 1999, and Magnolia Baptist Church was built at the site in 2006.

Samuel D. Jolley Jr. is an alumnus of the school, graduating with the school's last class in 1958.

He says he started the process to erect a historical marker here in 2010, and on Sunday, he finally got to see it happen.

"It means so much because it earmarks the location," said Jolley. "We spent many good years here."

The Macon County Training School historical marker is the second historical marker in Macon County.