A Baldwin County school paid tribute to soldiers for Veterans Day Friday evening. Georgia Military College recognized the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, the day when a signed document ended World War I. Cadets stood across Grant Parade Field dressed in uniform, holding flags to honor veterans. Steve Pitt, Commandant of Cadets, read the names of 16 GMC graduates who died in service.

"You are not forgotten," Pitt said as he read the names at the ceremony.

The flag detail dressed in vintage World War I uniforms and retired a 48-star flag.

"They are soldiers. They go out and they serve not only their country but those that are around," said Pitt.

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell is the president of Georgia Military College. He says it was an emotional ceremony.

"It literally could have been anybody else's name that was read off today, so we want to remember and honor them and their legacy," said Caldwell.

Cadets stood in a moment of silence for the fallen soldiers. Christopher Yarman is a student who helped retire the flag and says he respects the soldiers who put their lives on the line for the country.

"I am of course very grateful for that, and I hope later on in life, people will see the sacrifices I will make and can be grateful for that as well," said Yarman.

Georgia Military College will host a joint Veterans Day parade at the Georgia War Veterans home on Nov. 12 off of Vinson Highway in Milledgeville at 11 a.m.