Now not everyone has had a chance to attend the fair each year, and for one of our own who's new to Central Georgia, it's his first time at the Georgia National Fair.

Here are some of the things WMAZ Meteorologist Hunter Williams enjoyed at the fairgrounds.

1. The Mega Mile

“This isn’t a ride I would suggest if you are afraid of heights. However, if that's not the case [for you], it was absolutely beautiful. It was my first official ride of the Georgia National Fair here in Perry and I don't think I could’ve started it off on a better note. It’s just awesome.”

2. A magic show with Mike Fuller

“He offered to cut off my head. I was told that the success rate was about 75 percent…but I think my neck is alright.”

3. Skyride

“I cannot recommend this enough. It was one of my favorite parts of the fair. It was absolutely beautiful with the Mega Mile in the background.”

4. Freshly squeezed lemonade

“After a long day at the fair, what more can you ask for than a corn dog and a fresh squeezed lemonade? My first ever experience at the Georgia National Fair was a good one.”

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