You can still hear the familiar sounds of the Georgia National Fair. Mixed in now, though, is another sound -- flags whipping in the wind and leaves blowing across the walkways.

It may foreshadow weather still to come, as Hurricane Michael continues to strengthen in the Gulf.

Sheryl Smith is at the fair with her daughter Stacey Spence. They say they stayed in a hotel overnight, but plan to head home Tuesday before the storm could arrive.

"We better not chance it anymore," said Smith.

Their plan had always been to leave then, but they said they felt lucky that was the case after hearing about the potential for hurricane impacts in Central Georgia.

Georgia National Fair spokesperson Keaton Walker says organizers have been tracking the storm

"We work very closely with the local EMA director as well as GEMA in keeping up with all of the latest information," she said.

Walker added that if things get serious, they may need to shut down parts of the fair while the storm is at its peak.

"Depending on what this weather's really going to depend on the next couple of days on what our next moves are," said Walker.

It would be a costly proposition.

"We have roughly 100 food vendors located here onsite as well as we have the McGill market place that's packed out with our shopping vendors and we have about 70 rides," said Walker.

In the end, though, she says organizers always put guest safety over profit.

"Our first priority is always fair-goers' safety," said Walker. "Whether that be while they're here on grounds or while they're getting here."

Walker stressed the situation was fluid and organizers would continue to work closely with emergency management agency resources as the week progresses.

She added that each ride, like the Ferris wheel and the gondola, are rated to withstand a specific speed of winds.

Anything more than that speed rating and Walker says fair organizers and ride operators will make sure they're brought down.

We will continue to keep you posted on the forecast here on the 13WMAZ website and on the free WMAZ mobile app.