Yee Haw!

Dozens of cowgirls and cowboys strapped their boots and took to the arena to compete for cash money and bragging rights.

Gabrielle Dawkins was there and she saw some pretty amazing tricks.

18-year-old Trey Kimzey gets ready for the Georgia National Rodeo, just like he does any other rodeo.

"I always put my rope first. I always put my rope last," said Kimzey.

Today, he's riding bulls for competition fun, but his riding days didn't start that way.

"When you're a little kid getting on a sheep when you're 6 years old, all you want to do with have fun," said Kimzey.

But today, as he rides, the crowd cheers

The crowd yelled, "Go....Trey Kimzey! Go Trey Kimzey!"

But what goes through your mind while bull riding?

"Then there's not much going through your mind everything just goes blank, and you just focus on muscle memory and how you trained yourself before," said Kimzey.

He scored 85 points at the rodeo, and not to mention he is in a family of talents.

Marty Barnes, the Owner, of the rodeo says the race is tight and the bull rider who wins will take home a grand prize of about $2,600.

"There's a lot of good of rides last night. There's a couple of wrecks, a couple of concussions, which is bad to see, but it wasn't broken bones and internal injuries, so it was a good night," said Barnes.

Kimzey attends about 100 rodeos a year and plans to make a living out of this.

"It has to be your main focus, and that's what you would have to live and breathe and do," said Kimzey.

He says the main goal is to make it to National Finals Rodeo Championship so that he can follow in his brother's footsteps and bring home the grand prize.

Kimzey remained in the lead tonight with 85 points. They have one more night, he says that this next rodeo is in Utah.