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Georgia Senate passes standard time-only bill

The Senate voted 46-7 Wednesday on Bill 100 to stop changing their clock twice a year, saying it's disruptive.

MACON, Ga. —
A new bill cleared by Georgia Senate on Wednesday could make it so the state observes standard time all year long.

Dsto Moore, is a photographer in Macon. He said changing the clock every six months throws him off.

“It makes me very tired and sleepy,” said Moore.

Dr. Cesar Figuero, medical director at Coliseum Center for Behavioral Health, says changing times twice a year affects our sleep.

“It actually affects our internal clock called the circadian rhythm,” said Dr. Figuero.

Figuero said there's more at stake than getting a good night's rest.

“It translates into more car accidents, more people not performing well at the job.”

This disruption is why the Georgia Senate has passed Bill 100, which would keep the state in standard time year round.

“We should be standard one way or the other. These changes are not beneficial for one's mental health,” said Dr. Figuero

As a photographer, Moore think observing standard time year round could affect his drive and therefore his business.

“It brings my motivation down.”

As a photographer, Moore works with a lot of natural lighting to help light up his subjects. He'd prefer the state to observe daylight-saving time instead.

“It would give me more options to do stuff outside in the evening time with more light outside,” said Moore.

The bill favors standard time rather than daylight-saving time because federal law prohibits states from going on daylight-saving time all year.

The bill heads now to the Georgia House and it also needs approval from Governor Kemp.

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