A Georgia State Patrol deputy commissioner has upheld the firing of the commander of the Milledgeville post.

A memo from Lt. Col. Russell Powell notified Blake Swicord that he's terminated at the end of business Wednesday.

The reasons given are "misconduct, conduct reflecting discredit on the department or insubordination."

Swicord, commander of Post 33 in Milledgeville, has been suspended since March.

Last week, the state patrol released an investigative file listing various allegations against him.

The state patrol claimed that Swicord had a longtime friendship and business partnership with a convicted felon.

Swicord also sold handguns to the man, Eugene Britt III, the report says, but concluded that Swicord did not break any laws or state patrol policies.

They said Swicord took money to work security for the Luke Bryan Farm tour against his bosses' orders, then lied about that when questioned.

Swicord allegedly used his state patrol cell phone to send or receive inappropriate, sexually explicit messages and photos.

And the report says he asked a Tybee Island officer to "fix" a ticket for a female friend.

The investigative report concluded: "Swicord's conduct has eroded the trust the DPS Command Staff, his peers, his subordinates and the citizens of the state of Georgia had in him as a Georgia state trooper and supervisor," the report concludes.

Last week, Swicord appealed his firing to Powell, who upheld the decision Wednesday.