There is a new archery and air rifle range at Georgia Veterans State Park and Lake Blackshear resort.

It includes three spaces -- an air rifle range, an archery range, and a 3D archery trail.

Department of Natural Resources Hunting Program manager Walter Lane says now you can track stationary targets through the brush.

"It stemmed from people that like bow hunting, and it provides them an opportunity to practice in a realistic setting," he explained. "So there are game animals, there are white-tailed deer, there are black bear, there are feral hogs, and things like that."

And he says there is nothing like hitting the mark.

"I've yet to introduce someone to the sport of archery or air riflery and the first time they hit that target it puts a huge smile on their face," he said.

And even if this kind of stuff isn't your thing it may make you smile to know the $405,000 price tag didn't come out of Georgia's state budget.

"75 percent of it came from a federal grant that came from an excise tax that came from guns and ammunition and 25 percent came from the North Georgia Mountains Authority, Lane stated.

There is a $5 fee to use any of the ranges and you do need to bring your own equipment to take aim.

"So you'd want to bring your own air rifle, want to bring your own bow and arrow, or you'd want to register for one of the programs that are hosted by the park," Lane said.

The ranges are accessible for guests in wheelchairs.

The park is open seven days a week from 8 a.m. until Sunset and that is in Cordele.