CLAYTON COUNTY, Ga. -- If you see something, say something.

That phrase is used by law enforcement agencies across the nation. A teacher did just that after spotting Torrey Tomlinson's social media post about a missing 4-year-old. By doing so, authorities found little Obrielle Curry.

On Tuesday, Obrielle disappeared from the Walmart on Old National Highway. Authorities said a family friend, Moses Allen, was supposed to be babysitting the child for the mother at the Walmart while she rand errands. But when the mother returned, the child and Allen were no where to be found.

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Obrielle was located a few hours later at Church Street Elementary Wednesday while Allen was allegedly trying to pick up her sister from school.

Tomlinson saw the missing person report about Obrielle and decided to post about it on Facebook. The father of four said the story touched him, and he felt the mother's pain.

"I just felt like we were going to find this girl," Tomlinson said. "A lot of people were very passionate about it and they shared it, 300 plus times."

He said the next morning, a teacher at Church Street Elementary contacted him after seeing his post.

The teacher said she recognized Allen as someone who had come to the school before. The teacher alerted the front office and they called police. Before the teacher could get back to the classroom, he saw Allen in the office attempting to pick up Obrielle's sister.

Four-year-old Obrielle Curry (right) was left in the care of Moses Allen on Tuesday at a Walmart on Old National Highway by her mom while she ran some errands. Now, the two are missing. If you have any information, please call 911.

He said, 'Had it not been for your post, I wouldn't have known, and maybe this guy would have left and gotten away again'," Tomlinson recalled.

Obrielle was reunited with her mom not long after after that.

Moses was arrested at the time on previous warrants. He hasn't been charged in this case but officials said charged are possible.