ATLANTA – Police are looking for a man suspected of shooting and killing a six-month-old puppy while a boy was holding her.

Atlanta police said on Sept. 13, officers responded to a home in the 1200 block of Hightower Road for a dog being shot. When officers arrived, they found the Chocolate lab-mix puppy dead in the road. Officers covered the puppy’s body since children were around as school was letting out.

Police found a single shell casing lying on the street near the front yard of one of the home, the incident report stated.

A witness told police she was caring for her neighbor’s 8-year-old son who was playing outside with two other children when the shooting happened. She told police a man and a woman were walking down the street when the puppy, named Lady, ran out of the yard barking.

The witness told police the boy tried to grab the puppy and get her out of the street. That’s when the man shot the dog.

Police said the boy was holding the puppy when it happened and the witness said her main concern was that the bullet could have hit one of the children.

Officers released photos of the people who they say was there at the scene. APD said the person in the light gray T-shirt is suspected in the shooting. The person in red was at the scene, but is not a shooting suspect, according to police.

Atlanta Police

Multiple neighbors told police and the man would regularly walk up and down the street. The boy’s father said the suspect had even played with Lady the day before. Witnesses described Lady as a “friendly dog” who would only bark. They told police she didn’t lunge or come in contact with the man.

After speaking with the leasing office, officers got a photo of the suspect who was identified as Qundias De’Shun Jackson, according to the incident report. Officers said witnesses both identified him as the shooter.

Jackson was described as a black male in his early 20's, stocky build, around 5"7 to 5'8, wearing a gray t-shirt and black pants. The woman with him was described as about 120 lbs., possibly a teenager, wearing a red spaghetti strap t-shirt and black pants.

Police said at this time, Jackson is the only potential suspect.