Everyone knows there’s no good time to get sick, but a Paulding County family is thankful to a sheriff’s deputy who went above and beyond the call of duty during the recent winter storm.

Sgt. Ashley Henson, public information officer for the Paulding sheriff’s department, came to the rescue of Lindsay Low Fulcher’s family, specifically, little Bobby, who is a child with special needs.

Bobby was suffering terribly from a sore throat and ear infection.

"He gets sick really often, and most of the time you have to kind of figure out if it's a virus or if it's bacterial," Fulcher, who recently had surgery and is unable to drive safely, said. "So you have to wait and see if it goes away or if it sticks around."

By the time her husband got home from his job, the roads had already iced over.

"On Wednesday morning, he woke up and was just screaming and crying and he wanted me to carry him all over the house," she said. "He wouldn't let me put him down at all."

"One of my responsibilities is monitoring our social media pages," said Henson. "We got a message from a lady who said that her child was sick, the roads were bad, she couldn't get out to get his medication and asked if there was any way we could help her.

"I was actually not doing much at that time, so I went over to the Kroger in Dallas and picked up some medicine for her little boy and drove it out to her house."

Later in the day, Bobby was feeling much better, and, in his own, individual way, said "thank you" to Henson.

"They were just beside themselves excited about having the medicine because he'd been pretty upset and screaming and just inconsolable and having two boys myself and having been in her shoes, I know what it's like," Henson said.

"It was pretty heartwarming to see. They wanted to take a picture, which was great. Somebody tagged me, thanking the sheriff's office and me. I showed it to my boys and they were pretty excited to see that I was able to help them. I was actually on my way home eat lunch and I told my kids and my wife my kids I had to go and take some medicine to a little boy. When they were able to see what I had done, it was it was pretty neat."

“I wanted to cry," Fulcher said. "I was so happy. Somebody went out of their way to go pick up my medicine for my son because I couldn't get out.

"There's so much stuff in the news about people hating on police officers and thinking you know that they're against them and they're not. Their job is to serve and protect and that's what they do when they stand up for us. He would have done that for any other kid, it wouldn't have just been my family."