DAWSON COUNTY, Ga. — It was the first year Chris Gober was creating a corn maze on his own. 

Papa Pat's Corn Maze off Hwy. 53 in Dawson County is new to the community, despite corn mazes on the property for 16 years. 

Gober was looking forward to families coming out to the farm to have a good time. They've been in a community-based business their entire lives, he said. 

But someone had a different plan.

Gober said a vandal sprayed some sort of chemical across the maze, killing large portions of the corn crop. 

"It's unfortunate, but we can work around the problems," Gober said. "We've got to make it a good maze this year." 

Papa Pat's Corn Maze
Vandals damaged a corn maze in Dawson County last week, however, owners still plan to open for the season.

Gober said after they cut the first part of the maze on Aug. 17, they started to notice the crop turning brown. 

He thinks it was one or two people who came by late in the evening or at night when they knew no one would be around. 

"Someone was attempting to try to ruin it," Gober said. 

But he says farmers don't quit, and that they'll still open as planned on Sept. 20 and remain open through the end of October. 

"They're not going to ruin it," he said. "We can solve problems and work around them. It'll be OK."

He said because the back portion of the maze was destroyed, they decided to split the property into two mazes, with one being a haunted maze. 

Gober said law enforcement is involved and they are investigating the incident. 


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