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Georgia's COVID-19 case curve as of Nov. 24, 2021

Georgia actually saw a slight uptick in cases in mid-November.

MACON, Ga. — After a steep drop in new cases for months, Georgia actually saw a slight increase in November.

Right before the state's two-week preliminary window, Georgia averaged around 850 new cases a day. Two weeks before, the average was 807. It is not a major increase, but something to note as we head into the holidays where cases surged last year.

This time last year, Georgia averaged almost 3,200 new cases a day.

This data from the Georgia Department of Public Health does not include numbers from Thanksgiving or Black Friday because offices were closed. They'll get totaled into Monday's update.

Bibb County is actually seeing a slight increase in cases within the two-week preliminary window. It will still take at least a week to see how significant the rise is, though. Right before the preliminary window, Bibb averaged five new cases a day, very close to the low average of three reported in late June. This time last year, Bibb's average sat more than 6x higher at 31 new cases a day.

Houston County is now recovering from the increase that started in late October. It was not a major spike in cases with the average rising from nine to 15 in mid-November. Right before the preliminary window, cases already started dropping again to 12 new cases a day.

Most other Central Georgia counties are still seeing cases drop as well.

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Georgia's daily death toll has been steadily dropping since early September.

Meanwhile, fewer Georgians are dying from the virus. Right before the preliminary window, the state averaged nine new deaths a day, inching closer to the low average of five reported in early July. It's a major improvement from the 116 deaths a day at the peak in early September.

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Daily hospitalizations are now to about a third of what they were two months ago.

Hospitals across the state are also admitting fewer COVID-19 patients. Right now, the state averages around 100 new patients a day compared to almost 300 just two months ago.

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