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40 Years with Frank: Get to know the 'human' side of Frank Malloy

He's been a trusted source for information for decades, but you might not know his "human" side.

MACON, Ga. — From the Flood of 1994 to 9/11, when the biggest stories impacting Central Georgia and the world were unfolding, Frank Malloy was there.

He's been a trusted source for information for decades, but you might not know his "human" side.

Throughout the month of May, we are marking an historic event. Forty years ago, a young Frank Malloy arrived at 13WMAZ as a sportscaster. The rest is history...

All the big moments, all those times throughout the years, Frank got us through them. He's the anchor, but there's some stuff about him that you probably don't know...

You probably didn't know he's a great driver, and legend has it he's the originator of "Sleeves Up."

The man has a unique skillset. He's like the Swiss Army knife of news anchors -- there's no role he can't play, even if it's totally unnecessary. For example, the following comedic exchange:

"A shocking discovery in Warner Robins. Hello, thank you for joining us, I'm Lori Johnson," said Frank.

"And I'm Lori Johnson, this is Eyewitness News at...," Lori laughed.

Frank continued, "Pardon me, she's actually Lori Johnson, and I'm Frank Malloy."

He's also really good with a sledgehammer, which he once displayed when he destroyed the old weather center set in an act of "revenge" against Ben.

"He said it once, he's said it a hundred times: 'Old anchor.' I'm gonna show him about old. Revenge is sweet," Frank cackled.

The man has a vengeful streak. One of the best things about Frank, however, is his laugh. It's infectious, and sometimes, it gets going and it doesn't stop and it can turn into a full-blown wheeze fest.

Ben's all-time favorite thing -- it's widely-known, not just in the U.S. but around the world -- the man is a phenomenal dancer.

Here's the thing... it just happens. It can happen at weddings, a senior citizen expo, the Independence Day Concert, and staff events. The man is complex -- he's one of a kind.

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