Basketball is back in the heart of Georgia.

Two years after the GHSA moved all-state championship basketball games from the Macon Centreplex, the association announced Wednesday all 16 games for boys and girls across 8 classifications will be back next March.

When fans flock to Macon from across the state in less than 6 months, the Cherry Blossom Capital could see millions of dollars bounce its way.

The Macon Centreplex used to be home to the Georgia High school Association's state basketball finals. David Aiello with Spectra management, which runs the Centreplex, says he's ready for their comeback.

"It brings people from all over the state, and really, if you think about it, you've got basketball coaches from all over the country, so it's huge for Macon and we're excited to have it back," said Aiello.

The association dribbled out of Macon in 2016 after several problems at the Centreplex. A change in management to Spectra came with some upgrades to the space and GHSA's rebound.

"Last January, we started a new light project," Aiello said. Aiello says the new LED lights are energy efficient and change in color, and the makeover also includes, "The sound, the basketball hoops, and the basketball court."

The Centreplex used almost $1 million in SPLOST funds for improvements.

"The feedback that we've gotten from the community is huge," said Aiello.

Aiello says he wants people to come and actually have a good time. He says the games should bring about $3 million to $4 million to the city. "They are coming out and making memories with their families and with their friends, and that's what we want."

The basketball state championship games are scheduled for March 6th through the 9th.