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Girl Scouts partner with Grubhub to deliver cookies in February

You can order a box by themselves or with your meal

MACON, Ga. — The pandemic has thrown a wrench into the annual tradition of selling Girl Scout cookies this year. You won't see kids knocking on doors, and they're not going to do nearly as many cookie booths.  

Not to worry, though. You'll get a chance to order the tasty treats from the comfort of your couch.

10-year-old Adelai Jourdan is a junior in the scouts.

"We would put the cookies boxes into a little cart and drive around... drive around and sell cookies to our neighbors," she said.

That's how she did things last year before the world changed.

Sue Else is the CEO of the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia. 

"We need to know we're managing the safety of our Girl Scouts," she said.

They also want to protect customers, so they partnered with Grubhub to deliver the boxes right to your front porch.

"The people ordering from their lunch or their dinner from Grubhub are going to sit there and think, 'You know, a nice Thin Mint would be good,'" she said with a chuckle.

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth, you can in the second weekend of February, which is also just in time for Valentine's Day (hint hint).

You will have to pay the standard delivery fee, but the service will give a break to the kids in uniform.

"So they're not charging anything to do this, which is remarkable. The whole $4 goes to the Girl Scouts," said Else.

As for Jourdan... well, she's not quite old enough to know what Grubhub does.

"Isn't it the company that makes the cookies," she asked. She's close.

This year they are the company helping kids make the profits that fund their projects all year.

"I think it's fun to hang out with my friends and do art projects," Adelai said with a giant smile.

At least now you know one tradition in 2021 is going right on as planned, even if it's as simple as munching down on your favorite cookie.

Remember, you can order cookies through Grubhub only on the second weekend in February -- the 12th through the 14th.

Else says the Girl Scouts also plan to have drive-thru cookie booths this year.

You will see a few troops standing out in front of stores, but they will want you to social distance and wear a mask.


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