MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Presley Steinmeyer often spends time at the bookshelves in her 3rd grade classroom, especially in front of the Junie B. Jones section. 

During one of her scavenges for a new read, something caught her eye. It wasn't the captivating words in the chapter book either.

"$200," says Presley. 

That's a lot of money in the hands of a third-grader, but she didn't keep it.

"I knew it wasn't the right thing to do it. I wanted to give it back to the owner," says Presley.

Presley decided to hand the envelope with cash over to her teacher. 

"It's really nice to give stuff back to keep instead of keeping it," says Presley. 

She says it's something Georgia Military College Prep school taught her. 

"When they're that young and you start teaching them the honor code, and all of our important character virtues, and it gets instilled in them at such a young age, then they instinctively do what is right," says GMC Prep school principal, Pam Grant. 

"A cadet does not lie, cheat, steal, nor tolerate those who do," a phrase that every student at GMC learns.

"From their earliest days at GMC, they know what the GMC honor code is, and we expect them to live up to it," says Grant. 

 Presley's teacher, Sara Gray, says she lived up to the code.

"It's amazing that her first thought was, 'I need to turn this in to my teacher, whether it's nothing or something,'" says Gray. 

Turns out it wasn't actually just a random envelope with money inside.

"It sat in that book for 2 years now," says Gray. 

The money belongs to one of Gray's old students that lost their field trip money.

Because of Presley's honesty, it's back with the rightful owner.

"Very thankful that we had finally found the envelope with the money in it, and it was definitely a big help for the family," Gray.

The money was returned to the rightful owner at Miller Elementary School in Warner Robins.

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