MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. — Alan Gentry drives down the fairway and by the look of his swing, he appears no different than any other golfer. 

"I was a hydro-geologist and got my jacket sleeve caught in an oil rig. It was a million to one kind of thing, but it happens to a lot of people every day, so we never know when it's going to happen to us," said Gentry. 

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He lost his arm at just 28-years-old, but re-connected with golf as a sort of therapy. 

"My disability has brought me back to the game, and now I'm loving it more than I ever have," said Gentry. 

Gentry is one of 40 amputee golfers in this year's 26th annual state tournament in Milledgeville.

Just like a wedge gets you out of the rough, playing in this tournament has the same effect on these players. 

"It's rehab. It's not only physical rehab, it's mental rehab. When you're faced with an obstacle, especially when you became disabled later in life, the most important thing is self confidence. Your life is not over, your new life has just begun," said Gentry. 

Gentry says it's a game that gives back.

"It really gave me the positive mode of thinking, about how to address obstacles, and not be afraid of them and move forward, and that helped me in everyday life, and my career," said Gentry.

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So regardless if the putt lips out of the hole, or if it's inches away from making birdie; it's all about the recovery. 

"Golf saved my life," said Gentry. 

The three-day tournament is happening now at Little Fishing Creek in Milledgeville. Players tee off for the last time Sunday morning.