Calling all golfers!

If you have a mean swing and you want to show it off for a good cause, there's a benefit golf tournament next Saturday for PGA Professional Jack Dean.

Gabrielle Dawkins spent the day with Dean to hear what this tournament is all about.

"If you're a beginner, you might hit a thousand bad shots…but if you hit that one good one, you'll come back," said Dean

Dean says that he swung his first golf club at the age of three.

"The game of golf means everything to me because I created so many relationships through golf and it's a great platform to have a good influence on folks," said Dean.

He spends some time at the golf course teaching kids how to get out of the rough -- never imagining one day he would find himself going through one of the roughest times in his life.

"When my wife and I had got the news that I had colon cancer, I was in denial and shocked. As days went on, I was angry," said Dean.

The cancer was discovered during a colonoscopy in July.

In August, doctors removed about 14 inches of his colon.

"With insurance or without insurance, it can be a very big financial burden. You almost can't afford to get sick in this country," said Dean.

That's why leaders at Green Acres Golf and Recreation are hosting the Give Back for Jack Tournament to help with some of his medical bills.

"The significance is that I'm going to be here for my own benefit and not in the hospital or something," said Dean. "God has blessed me with so many prayers that he answered every one of them.”

The tournament is Saturday and begins at 10 a.m.

There will be prizes for the winner and information on preventative care for colon cancer.

For more information or to sign your team up contact Gerald Vickers 478-595-6219, Josh Gay 407-304-7680 or contact the Green Acres Golf and Recreation at 478-875-3110.

Each team consists of three players and it costs $180 for each team.