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Governor-elect Brian Kemp gives victory speech at the Capitol

"I'm honored to be Georgia's Governor-elect."

"I'm honored to be Georgia's Governor-elect," he said shortly after approaching the podium.

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"Under the leadership of Governors Perdue and Deal, our state has experienced unmatched growth and prosperity," he said.

He added that in the transition process, he and his team will "work diligently to build on those accomplishments."

"I humbly ask for the citizens of this great state to stand with me in the days ahead. Together we will realize the opportunities and tackle the challenges that we have before us. We will be a state that puts hardworking Georgians for no matter what their zip code or where they live."

Kemp commended his opponent on a hard fought election, but said he is ready to move forward.

While taking questions Kemp mentioned that he is focused on several actions including cutting taxes, rural healthcare, small businesses and more.

During questions, he also mentioned that he is very proud of the record turnout Georgians made during the election.

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