MACON, Ga. — A lightning strike damaged a part of one of Macon's historic downtown music venues on Saturday night. Downtown architect Gene Dunwody Jr. is asking the public to return the brick that was struck off Grant's Lounge. 

"It shocks me. It's upsetting," said Dunwody as he saw what the weather did to the building. 

He says the brick that flew off the building is special.

"It's really rare. What's unusual about it is it has little metal specks in it, and that's something they would do to give it a little more texture and variety in the brick," said Dunwody. 

Dunwody says some people may have taken the fallen brick before a contractor completed the cleanup. 

"Hey, it's cool. I understand why people picked them up," said Dunwody. 

But he's asking for them back. Dunwody says the current owners and contractors can use the brick to make repairs. 

Although the work inside the music venue is still in one piece, Dunwody says he wants the outside to match. 

"It has a lot of stonework and beautiful arches and just very nice details," said Dunwody. 

It's something he says he wants future generations to enjoy. 

"It's a part of our soul. It's part of our DNA, so it's important to save these buildings," said Dunwody. 

Dunwody says they can't make repairs until the rain clears out and it's dry outside. He says repairs should only take a few days to complete once they get started.

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