Almost $1 million is going into improvements along parts of Macon's Eisenhower Corridor. It is all thanks to additional property taxes brought in through the Eisenhower Business Improvement District.

At the corner of Eisenhower Parkway and Log Cabin Drive, you will find State Bank, but a year ago, Manager Andrea Melton says it was not that easy to see.

“All of the debris on our fence line and all out in this area has been completely changed and landscaped,” says Melton.

Melton says thanks to funds from the Eisenhower Business Improvement District, the bank is more visible than ever.

“People are able to see the business more clearly from the road and signage,” says Melton.

The Executive Director of the district, Jamie Arnold, says it is not just State Bank benefiting.

“Removing overgrowth, dead vegetation, diseased trees,” says Arnold.

Arnold says the bid created a five mill property tax increase for 93 parcels. She says since 2015, they have brought in almost $1 million and used more than $330,000 to clear up shrubs and hire a deputy to patrol the area. Now, she says they are gearing up for phase two.

“We're ready for people to see something tangible -- lights, a whole new design on the interchange,” says Arnold.

Arnold says they are working to add street lighting and on a new landscaping plan that would add trees along the medians and colorful plants.

And despite stores like Target leaving the area, she says they are hoping these changes can help fill some of those empty spots.

“We’ve got businesses coming and they may not be your big box businesses because that’s no longer the trend,” says Arnold.

Melton says it is all a step in the right direction.

“To me, it's a huge change to see the improvements that have happened on the corridor and to know the things coming,” says Melton.

Arnold says a new gym is coming where the HHGregg was and a new restaurant is opening up where the Captain’s Seafood used to be located.

According to Bibb County tax records, in 2017 State Bank paid more than $1,190 in sales taxes towards the BID.

Arnold says they are expecting more money to come for this year because of late payments.